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Open access to sequence: Browsing the Pichia pastoris genome
VerfasserMattanovich, Diethard ; Callewaert, Nico ; Rouzé, Pierre ; Lin, Yao-Cheng ; Graf, Alexandra ; Redl, Andreas ; Tiels, Petra ; Gasser, Brigitte ; De Schutter, Kristof
Erschienen in
Microbial Cell Factories, 2009, Jg. 8, 53 S.
ErschienenBioMed Central (BMC), 2009
DokumenttypAufsatz in einer Zeitschrift
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubbw:3-909 Persistent Identifier (URN)
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Open access to sequence: Browsing the Pichia pastoris genome [0.58 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

The first genome sequences of the important yeast protein production host Pichia pastoris have been released into the public domain this spring. In order to provide the scientific community easy and versatile access to the sequence, two web-sites have been installed as a resource for genomic sequence, gene and protein information for P. pastoris: A GBrowse based genome browser was set up at http://www.pichiagenome.org and a genome portal with gene annotation and browsing functionality at http://bioinformatics.psb.ugent.be/webtools/bogas. Both websites are offering information on gene annotation and function, regulation and structure.

In addition, a WiKi based platform allows all users to create additional information on genes, proteins, physiology and other items of P. pastoris research, so that the Pichia community can benefit from exchange of knowledge, data and materials.